The International Conference on Future Telecommunications and Artificial Intelligence (IC-FTAI’2024) is being organized by the IEEE Egypt AP-S/MTT-S Joint Chapter with the IEEE Egypt and IEEE Egypt Alexandria Subsection technical support. The technical support for the conference is provided by the IEEE-APS and MTT-S societies. It will take place from December 17 – 19, 2024, in Alexandria, Egypt.

Workshops are a vital feature of the IC-FTAI’2024 technical program. They focus on and introduce topics of particular interest to the telecommunications technology industry community, and they encourage and stimulate attendees’ participation in active discussions. The goal of workshops is to focus on a specific area of significant current interest and thus supplement the conference’s regular program. Prospective authors are encouraged to submit high-quality original technical workshop proposals by 25 October 2024, and workshop papers for presentation at the conference by 15 November 2024. The detailed instructions, and submissions which include due dates, formats, and templates, can be found on the conference website.


Track 1: Antennas and Emerging Technologies
Track 2: Electromagnetics and Materials
Track 3: Computational, Propagation and Scattering
Track 4: Electromagnetic Field, Devices, and Circuits
Track 5: Artificial Intelligence and Computer Architecture
Track 6: Computer Systems, Security and Robotics
Track 7: Bioinformatics & Computational Biology
Track8: Systems, Applications and Emerging Technologies
Track9: Communications Engineering, Networking and Technology
Track10: Power Management and Control


Each workshop proposal, which can be no longer than four pages, must include the following information (DON’T FORGET TO CHECK THAT YOUR PROPOSAL IS ON THE RIGHT TRACK):

  • Cover, no longer than one page:
  • The title of the workshop.
  • Organizers of workshops (names, affiliations, and contact information).
  • Workshop outlines and topics.
  • Explanation, no longer than three pages:
  • What makes the topic current and relevant?
  • Why will the workshop receive a large number of high-quality submissions?
  • Why, in addition to the authors, will the workshop draw a large number of attendees?
  • What distinguishes this workshop from others, such as related workshops and conferences on similar topics?
  • A brief bio of the organizers (up to 200 words per organizer).
  • Names of people who might attend, such as members of the program committee and invited speakers (it’s a plus if you can show that invited speakers agreed to attend).
The workshop’s format is planned to include the following:
  • Workshop duration: half-day, full-day, and tentative schedule.
  • Workshop day preference.
  • The number of refereed papers, hot-topic sessions, keynote speeches, and panels (unique, creative, and novel workshop formats are strongly encouraged).
Draft Call for Papers (maximum of two pages):
  • A description of the public relations and marketing strategy.
  • Consider potential website addresses (if available at the time of the proposal; they will be required later if the workshop proposal is accepted).
  • A description of previous editions of the workshop (if applicable), including the number of papers submitted and accepted, the number of attendees, and so on.
  • Please explain the similarities and differences if a similar workshop was organized at a recent conference.

All papers for the workshops should be submitted through the conference website, in double-column IEEE format, with author names and affiliations and a brief abstract, and please adhere to the submission guidelines. All entries must be written in English.

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We look forward to seeing you and participating with us at IC-FTAI’2024 in Alexandria, Egypt!