Dear Promising Students,

The IEEE Egypt AP-S/MTT-S Joint Chapter is organizing the International Conference on Future Telecommunications and Artificial Intelligence (IC-FTAI’2024). The IEEE-AP-S and MTT-S societies are providing technical support for the conference. It is scheduled for December 17 – 19, 2024, in Alexandria, Egypt. The grand event is expected to draw a large number of delegates from around the world. All undergraduate engineering and school students are encouraged to submit a proposal template to the IC-FTAI’2024 by 20 November 2024 and demonstrate their engineering skills, talent, and ability to defend their innovative ideas through posters and seminars. The goal of project posters is to cover all areas of interest listed in the conference tracks. All conference activities were free of charge for the students who took part.

There will be monetary awards in the following categories:
  • Best Team Research Poster of the Year.
  • Best Team Creative Design Poster.
  • Best Team Presentation.

Students will give a THREE MINUTES presentation about their project. The judges will be given THREE MINUTES to ask questions. Poster presentations will be evaluated based on their content and effective communication. Aesthetics and effective communication will be used to evaluate displays.

Proposal Written Content

* Please DOWNLOAD and FILL in the proposal template (Do not use any other template file).

* Then, in PDF format, you can upload the proposal template.
    • Proposal title and information about the project team
    • An abstract for a short poster (250 words maximum)
    • One to five keywords (as specified in the conference tracks/topics)
    • The following information is considered relevant as a guideline for the content:
      • The project’s duration
      • Partners taking part in the approach and methodology were pursued
      • Current project status Excerpt of intermediate/preliminary results
    • If there is space available, references and acknowledgments can also be included.
Instructions for Formatting Poster
      • Posters should not be larger than 36″ tall by 48″ wide.
      • When designing your poster, leave a ½” white border around all four edges.
      • Posters should not contain large amounts of dark-colored text.
      • Students are responsible for making a poster that meets their standards in terms of graphic and image quality.
      • Students are responsible for proofreading their posters before submitting them.
      • Students must submit a PDF file of the full-scale poster.

Interested and promising students are asked to complete the IC-FTAI’2024 conference registration form (Register as Student). Please go to IC-FTAI’2024 Conference to learn more about the conference.

  • The IC-FTAI’2024 Conference registration Link click here to register.
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