International Competition on Eco-Smart Innovations (IC-ESI’2024) for Intelligence Sustainability

May 12 – 14, 2024,
Arab Academy for Science, Technology & Maritime Transport, Alexandria, Egypt

The IC-ESI’2024 Golden Partner

The IC-ESI’2024 Golden Partner

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About The IC-ESI’2024

The IEEE Egypt AP-S/MTT-S Joint Chapter organizes the International Competition on Eco-Smart Innovations (IC-ESI) for Intelligence Sustainability with the collaboration of the IEEE Egypt WIE. Considering global mass COVID-19 vaccination campaigns, it is scheduled for May 12–14, 2024, hosted by the Arab Academy for Science, Technology & Maritime Transport in Alexandria, Egypt, in a hybrid format (attend or online). The IEEE AP-S and MTT-S societies are providing technical support for the competition.

The IC-ESI’2024 competition contributes to building the future through an engaging and highly competitive environment for disruptive thinking, innovation, and change. This is your window of opportunity to seize the post-pandemic, AI-enabled future. Don’t miss this participation opportunity! The IC-ESI’2024 competition that encourages creativity, disruptive thinking, and recognizing opportunity where there is chaos is “Create the Future.

Benefits of IC-ESI competition

Globally, a connectedness movement being sparked by the internet of things is opening the door for the development of smart environments. Even though different environments are taking different approaches to this high-tech trend, common elements like efficiency, convenience, and environmental consciousness all play significant roles. In this instance, in an attempt to lessen their impact on the environment, these smart environments are putting in place ways to track water usage, electricity usage, and more.

These eco-smart environments offer intriguing high-level concepts to engage residents in addition to tracking and monitoring. One has to do with a rewards system that incentivizes residents of intelligent environments to make better decisions about their lives and health in addition to their own. This all-encompassing method also considers the social media component.

An amazing session will be held by IEEE Egypt WIE for promoting women engineers and scientists, and inspiring girls in secondary high schools and universities to follow their academic interests in a career in STEM.

Who can participate in this competition?

  • The IC-ESI competition has different levels for both international and national competitors:
    • Institutes, Colleges, and Universities (Government – National – Private – Technological).
    • Postgraduate Students in Institutes, Colleges, and Universities.
    • Secondary Schools (Government – STEM – Private – Technological).
    • Companies and Organizations.
  • Individuals or small groups of up to ten students can form teams. All team members must attend the same high school, college, or university.
  • Each school, college, or university may allow up to ten teams to participate.
  • The student(s) must compete in their respective category based on their age and the level/class they are currently attending in the year of the competition.

Competition Timeline

  • 10 February 2024                     
    Deadline for Registration and Proposal Submission
  • 25 February 2024
    Preliminary Selection Notification
  • 15 March 2024
    Deadline for Project File Collection
  • 5 April 2024
    Level Acceptance Notification
  • 15 April 2024
    Applying Verification Video for Final Judging
  • 30 April 2024
    Notification of Final Judging
  • 12-14 May 2024
    Ceremony of Awards

Useful Links

Call for Project / Innovation Link: IC-ESI’2024 Call
Registration Link:  Register by clicking here
Proposal Template Link: IC-ESI_proposal_template
How to Fill your IC-ESI’2024 Proposal Template Link: Click Here
Proposal Submission Upload Link: IC-ESI Proposal Submission
2nd Stage Level Submission Upload Link: IC-ESI’2024_2nd Stage Level Submission
For any inquiries, please contact us at apmtt.egypt.chapter@gmail.com

News and Announcements

  • The IC-ESI’2024 Competition registration is open until February 10, 2024, for registration and proposal submission.
  • According to the desire of the participants in the IC-ESI’2024 competition, you can use the instructions in this file so that you can fill out the competition proposal template file in the correct way. Please click to download the instructions file “How to Fill your IC-ESI’2024 Proposal
  • HURRY, During the third week of January 2024, the Participation ID for each registered project will be sent by email.

How to Register and Participate?

  • You must log in to Google Email or create a Google Email to fill out all forms and deal with the IC-ESI competition. Your identity will remain anonymous.
  • Click the Registration Link. Registration Link: IC-ESI Registration Form
  • Fill in the Registration Form and Click Submit. (Be sure that all information and emails are correct.)
  • Now, you are registered, and you are Waiting for an email from the competition committee with your Participation ID.
  • Go to the IC-ESI’2024 competition website, IC-ESI Competition
  • Click the Proposal Template button and Download the IC-ESI’2024 proposal template. Proposal Template Link: IC-ESI Proposal Template
  • Fill in the IC-ESI’2024 proposal template with your innovation project information, including your member team and advisor.
  • Following the receipt of your Participation ID, Fill in the Proposal Submission Form and Upload your proposal file in pdf format, then Click Submit. (Be sure that all information is correct, and the proposal file name is your participation ID.Proposal Submission Upload Link: IC-ESI Proposal Submission
  • Now that you have registered and participated successfully, you are waiting to be reviewed and judged.
  • According to the timeline for the competition, the results for the first stage will be posted on the website for the IC-ESI’2024 Competition for those who have qualified for the second stage.
  • please follow us at the IC-ESI2024 competition website for updates, https://r8.ieee.org/egypt-apmtt/about-and-news-3/

For contact with us, the only method is the contact form on the Contact page at the competition website, IC-ESI Competition contact