IC-SIT’2023 Competition

IC-SIT’2023 Competition

About The IC-SIT’2023

The IEEE Egypt AP-S/MTT-S Joint Chapter, Alexandria, Egypt, organizes the International Competition on Smart Innovation Technologies (IC-SIT’2023) with the collaboration of the SCGRS Technological. In light of global mass COVID-19 vaccination campaigns, it is scheduled for July 16–17, 2023, in Alexandria, Egypt, in a hybrid format (attend or online). The IEEE AP-S and MTT-S societies are providing technical support for the competition.

This competition aims to stimulate students’ interests, excite them, and enable them to understand and experience the role of engineering in scientific and engineering innovation. This is an annual event where high school and college students can work with engineering and business professionals to design or invent a product to show off.

The competition will culminate in an exhibition of project displays, final judging, and awards presentation in Alexandria, Egypt. The competition will be divided into levels and categories. The competition website, IC-SIT’2023 Competition, has the most recent updates for the competition details of all the activities.

Benefits of IC-SIT competition

In fact, the IC-SIT competition provides much-needed structure to those who are just getting started in science, technology, and engineering, while also serving as a skill-building opportunity for those who are more advanced in smart technologies, antenna, microwave, electromagnetics, coding, programming, design development, robotics, sensors and much more.

The advantages of the IC-SIT competition include opportunities for students to think critically and work autonomously in some cases or to collaborate in teams in others, thereby strengthening their collaborative and social skills. Furthermore, for both newcomers to IC-SIT and advanced students, the right competition can provide a great opportunity to enhance their vision and practical practice. The IC-SIT competition, like most competitions, especially for online and virtual events, can offer prizes as well as a way for participants to earn money from home.

The IC-SIT competition allows anyone living anywhere in the world to present and develop their experience on a global scale. Aside from having fun, all participants can expect to solve real-world problems, face challenges that require hands-on participation, and think outside the box.

Who can participate in this competition?

  • The IC-SIT competition has two levels for both international and national competitors:

          * Secondary Schools (Government-STEM-Private-Technological)

          * Colleges and Universities (Government-National-Private-Technological)

  • Individuals or small groups of up to five students can form teams. All team members must attend the same high school, college, or university.
  • Each school, college, or university may allow up to ten teams to participate.
  • The student(s) must compete in their respective category based on their age and the level/class they are currently attending in the year of the competition.

IC-SIT’2023 Participations

It is our pleasure to annouce about the participating entities in the International Competition on Smart Innovation Technologies (IC-SIT’2023), with a total of (313) world-wide projects and innovations.

College or Institute, University List:
  1. Mechanical Department, Faculty of Engineering, Alexandria University
  2. Biomedical Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering, Mansoura University, Dakahlia
  3. Alexandria Higher Institute of Engineering and Technology
  4. El-Shorouk Academy
  5. Misr Higher Institute for Commerce & Computers in Mansoura
  6. Higher Institute of Engineering, El-Shorouk Academy
  7. Misr Higher Institute of Engineering and Technology in Mansoura
  8. Faculty of Computers and Artificial Intelligence, Benha
  9. Cairo University
  10. Egypt Japan University for Science and Technology, New Burj Al-Arab, Alexandria
  11. Biomedical Engineering, Mansoura University
  12. Faculty of Computers and Informatics, Zagazig University, Sharqia
  13. Faculty of Computers and Artificial Intelligence – Cairo University
  14. Higher Institute of Engineering and Technology in New Damietta
  15. Faculty of Engineering, Egypt Japan University
  16. D. Goenka University, India
  17. Faculty of Engineering, Alexandria University
  18. Delta University for Science and Technology
  19. Damietta University
  20. Harare Institute of Technology, Zimbabwe
  21. Misr University for Science and Technology
  22. Higher Obour Institutes
  23. Faculty of Engineering Al-Azhar University
  24. Kafr-Elshiekh University
  25. Computer Science, Arab Academy for Science, Technology, AAST, Smart-Village
  26. Mansoura University
  27. The Higher Institute of Engineering and Technology in El-Mahalla El-Kubra
  28. Higher Technology Institute of Engineering 10th of Ramadan
  29. Department of Electronics and Communications Engineering, Faculty Of Engineering, Delta University For Science And Technology
  30. Faculty of Engineering, Menoufia University
  31. Arab Academy for Science, Technology, and Maritime Transportation
  32. Misr Higher Institute for Engineering and Technology Academy
  33. Faculty of Computers and Information, Zagazig University
  34. Alexandria Higher Institute of Engineering and Technology
  35. Sri Sairam Institute of Technology, India
  36. Communication and Electronics, High Engineering Institute, El-Shorouk Academy
  37. Pharos University in Alexandria, Egypt
  38. Modern University For Technology & Information.
School, Education Directorate, Governorate List:
  1. Dakahlia STEM High School, Belqas Education Directorate, Dakahlia
  2. STEM 6th Of October High School for Boys
  3. El-Fayoum STEM School
  4. Obour STEM School, Obour Education Directorate, Qaliubya
  5. Alexandria STEM School, Burj Al-Arab, Alexandria
  6. Dakahlia STEM School, Gamsa, Egypt
  7. El Shahid Ali Khater Language School Alexandria, Egypt
  8. Luxor STEM School, Luxor, Luxor
  9. Qena STEM School
  10. El-Motaheda 2 Language School
  11. Sharkia STEM School, Zagazig, Sharkia
  12. Smk (L) Methodist Sentul, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  13. STEM KFS High School
  14. Gharbiya STEM School
  15. Sohag STEM School
  16. Alshahid Mustafa Ali Abdul Rahman School, Tanta Governorate
  17. Alexandria School
  18. El Nel School, Beni Suef
  19. El-Sadat STEM School
  20. Elmalab High School, Dakahliya
  21. Mohamed Zahran Language Schools, Sharq Directorate, Alexandria Governorate

IC-SIT’2023 Exhibition and Ceremony

The Top Three Project / Innovation Universities Ranking:

1st Rank: ” Assistant robot for ADHD symptoms, ” Mansoura University

2nd Rank: ” Integration of Mechanical and Chemical Treatment in the Hydrological cycle of Paper and Pulp Industry, ” Faculty of Computers and Artificial Intelligence, Cairo University

3rd Rank: ” Intelligent Computer Aided System for Agriculture Applications, ” Misr Higher Institute for Engineering and Technology in Mansoura

The Top Three Project / Innovation Schools Ranking:

1st Rank: ” Convert Sound Waves to Electricity, ” STEM KFS High School

2nd Rank: ” Safe Repair of the Spinal Cord, ” Elmalab High School, Dakahliya

3rd Rank: ” An Advanced RFID System for Tracking and Remote Control of Vehicles for Security Purposes and Combating Terrorism, ” Al-Shahid Mustafa Ali Abdul Rahman School, Tanta Governorate